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Meet Andrew

Born and raised originally in Marion County, Mississippi, Andrew Scott Smith's story is one of resilience, dedication, and love. Born into a family where warmth and wisdom filled the air, Andrew's upbringing by a single mother and doting grandparents shaped him into a person of strong values and community spirit. His childhood days were spent in the family's country convenience store, a community hub where the stories and laughter of "old-timers" ignited in him a deep respect for past generations and their enduring wisdom.

Andrew's childhood was framed by the familial warmth of his grandparents' country store, a local hub where he learned the nuances of business and the value of a strong community. Surrounded by the rich stories and advice of elders, he absorbed lessons of resilience and hope that would shape his worldview. Sundays were spent behind the store at Crossroads Church of God, where his mother's Sunday school teachings further instilled in him a sense of purpose and service, and a love for God and Jesus Christ.

Andrew's educational journey took him from the local schools of Marion and Lawrence Counties to the esteemed Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science. Here, his passion for leadership and civic duty blossomed, culminating in the formation of the Teenage Republicans Club and his active involvement in several political campaigns. His academic and extracurricular endeavors laid the groundwork for his future aspirations.

At Mississippi State University, Andrew's ambition and intellectual curiosity propelled him to graduate a year early with a Business Administration degree. His focus on Law, Marketing, and Real Estate reflected a growing desire to understand and contribute to the economic and social fabric of his community. Working his way through college at a local restaurant, Andrew's entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to hard work were evident.

Returning to Foxworth post-graduation, Andrew honored his family's legacy and his grandfather's unfulfilled dream by embracing agriculture. Farming pumpkins on the land that had nurtured him, he connected with the earth and the community in profound ways. However, life's unpredictable currents led him to the Jackson Metro Area (where he remains today) in various roles, from the automotive industry to commercial real estate appraisal, each step providing valuable insights into business, community needs, and the resilience required to adapt and thrive.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the sudden loss of his mother in 2022 were pivotal moments that deeply affected Andrew. These challenges brought loss but also clarity and determination. Resolving to make a lasting positive impact, Andrew ventured into voluntary workplace benefits, helping others navigate unforeseen hardships and securing their futures.

Today, with a vision for a vibrant, prosperous District 2, Andrew Scott Smith is ready to step forward as a voice for the people. His campaign is a call to action for all who believe in hard work, community, and the promise of a better future. Against the backdrop of long-standing incumbency, Andrew represents a fresh, determined perspective, ready to champion the needs and aspirations of District 2 in Washington.

Join Andrew in his quest to bring integrity, innovation, and inclusive prosperity to the heart of Mississippi. Together, let's support a leader whose life is a testament to the enduring spirit of District 2 — a leader ready to serve, inspire, and achieve.

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