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Restructure Education

Andrew's vision for the education system is to empower students and parents with choice, while ensuring robust, well-rounded learning opportunities that prepare students for diverse futures.

  1. Enhancing Financial Literacy: Andrew will integrate financial education into the curriculum, teaching vital skills such as budgeting, investing, and understanding loans and credit, to ensure our students are prepared to manage their finances effectively throughout their lives. 
  2. Promoting Blue-Collar Skills: Recognizing the importance of skilled trades, Andrew will expand vocational and technical education. This initiative will empower students interested in blue-collar careers with the necessary skills and training, providing valuable pathways to employment.

  3. Ensuring Fair School Choice: Andrew believes in parental choice in education. However, Andrew also recognizes the need for fair funding mechanisms. Andrew will advocate for policies ensuring that when a student moves between public and charter or magnet schools, the funding accurately reflects their current enrollment, thus maintaining equitable resources for all schools.

Through these efforts, Andrew aims to create an educational environment that values tradition, financial savvy, and practical skills, while ensuring every child has access to the best education possible, regardless of the school they attend or path they choose.

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