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Restore Rights

Andrew is dedicated to restoring and protecting the rights and liberties of our residents. Andrew's approach includes:

  1. Advocating for Legalization of Marijuana: Understanding that it is less harmful than alcohol or a lifelong addiction to pain-pills, Andrew will advocate for full legalization, which will end the decades long crusade against marijuana. It's high time to make a change, take this step, and make marijuana availalbe to the people. This change recognizes its medical benefits and potential for responsible use, aligning laws with current scientific understanding and public opinion, and allowing for legal purchase nationwide. Andrew will push for this change immediately, advocating for policies that respect personal health choices and provide relief to those who benefit from marijuana's use. Andrew will also push to release and expunge the records of anyone who is or has been detained for marijuana solely related offenses and restore the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms to people who have medical cards.

  2. Restoring Voting Rights: Andrew believes that individuals who have served their time have a right to participate in and contribute to our democracy. Restoring voting rights for ex-felons is a step toward a more inclusive, just society. Andrew will work to reform laws to ensure that once individuals have served their sentences, they are welcomed back as full members of the community with their voting rights intact.

  3. Promoting Medical Freedom: Individuals should have the right to choose their medical path, including veterans having the full access to choose from any provider they wish. Andrew will advocate for expanded access and freedom to choose, ensuring that patients and their doctors have more options and autonomy in healthcare decisions.

  4. Protecting Personal Liberties: Andrew is committed to reviewing and advocating against laws that unnecessarily restrict personal freedoms. By engaging with our community, Andrew aims to identify and address any regulations that impede individual liberty without providing significant public benefit.

  5. Promoting Awareness and Education: An informed citizenry is empowered to protect and assert its rights. Andrew will initiate and support educational campaigns to spread awareness about civil liberties and the importance of active participation in the democratic process.

Andrew's commitment to reinstating rights is about more than policy; it's about ensuring that every resident of District 2 lives in a society that respects their dignity, choices, and freedom. Andrew believes that by advocating for these changes, we can build a stronger, healthier, and more just community.

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