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Restore Economic Dominance

The Mississippi Delta and the City of Jackson have historically been the heartbeats of innovation and prosperity, and it's time we reignite that spirit. We are standing at the precipice of a new era—an era where innovation, technology, and forward-thinking are not just options but necessities.

Andrew envisions a future where the robust agricultural legacy of the Delta meets cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable and prosperous economy. This means not just reviving what was lost, but leapfrogging into the future with bold, innovative steps. Here's how Andrew plans to do it:

  1. Innovative Transformation with Drone Ports: Andrew will work to convert underutilized rural airports into drone ports, launching Mississippi into the forefront of logistics, smart agriculture, healthcare, and defense, while creating high-tech jobs and new market opportunities.

  2. Embrace and Enhance Energy Diversity: Recognizing the critical role of oil and gas in our current economy, Andrew will support and strengthen these sectors while strategically expanding into renewable energy. This balanced approach ensures energy independence, job creation, and a gradual shift towards a greener, more sustainable future.

  3. Reinforce Agricultural Dominance through Technology: Andrew will integrate cutting-edge technology into our agricultural practices, enhancing production and sustainability. Our farmers will lead the way in efficiency and innovation, supported by research, development, and modern infrastructure.

  4. Build a Future-Ready Workforce: Partnering with educational institutions, Andrew will ensure our workforce is ready for the jobs of tomorrow, focusing on technology, sustainability, and advanced manufacturing skills.

  5. Cultivate Talent and Entrepreneurship: Through partnerships with educational institutions and incubators throughout the region, we will nurture local talent and attract entrepreneurs. This will lead to a more sustainable economy, because if jobs start here, they usually stay here.

  6. Rebuild Tourism Industry: If there's one thing that District 2 doesn't lack is history, tradition, and the birthplace of most of the world's music. With such a rich, bold, and story-ladden history, District 2 could be a tourism capital, bringing in money from all over the world to come explore, learn, and get lost in the charm, hospitality, and history we have to offer. This will be the core of our Revive the Riverfront campaign!

Together, we'll make Mississippi's District 2 a beacon of economic resilience and innovation, leveraging our rich history and resources to build a prosperous, sustainable future for all.

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