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Rejuvenate Agriculture

Mississippi's District 2 stands on the cusp of an agricultural rebirth, poised to blend tradition with innovation. Andrew's plan is clear and focused:

  1. Committing to the Pumps Project: Long promised and much needed, the completion of the pumps project is the TOP priority. Andrew will ensure it's done effectively, providing vital flood protection while being mindful of ecological impacts and maintaining harmony with the natural environment.

  2. Advancing with Drone Technology: Andrew will work to convert old rural airports into drone ports, providing our farmers with the latest in precision agriculture, from crop monitoring to efficient resource management. This leap forward in technology will bolster yields and sustainability.

  3. Empowering New Farmers: Reviving our agricultural middle class starts with supporting the next generation. Andrew will streamline access to funds and mentorship, particularly focusing on young and aspiring farmers, ensuring they have the means and knowledge to thrive.

  4. Cultivating Small-Scale Equipment Manufacturing: By encouraging local manufacturing of specialized equipment for smaller farms, Andrew aims to boost job creation, support diverse farming practices, lowering the cost of farming by making affordable and sensible equipment for smaller operators, and contribute to a more self-sufficient agricultural community.
In rejuvenating our agricultural sector, Andrew commits to not only restoring its productivity and innovation but also ensuring it coexists harmoniously with the environment. This balanced approach will safeguard our black gold's fertility and beauty for future generations, ensuring District 2 remains a beacon of sustainable and prosperous farming.

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