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Reform Taxes

Andrew's tax reform strategy is dedicated to creating a simpler, fairer, and more transparent tax system that doesn't punish hard work or success. Here are the principles and approaches Andrew is considering:

  1. Simplifying the Tax Code: Andrew advocates for a drastic simplification of the current tax code to make it more understandable for the average citizen. This means reducing the number of deductions and credits, flattening rates, and making the process of filing taxes more straightforward.

  2. Exploring Fair Tax Options: Andrew is open to considering various fair tax structures, such as a flat tax or a national sales tax. A flat tax would impose the same tax rate on all taxpayers regardless of income bracket, while a national sales tax would replace income tax with a tax on consumption. Both options promise to simplify the tax system significantly.

  3. Ensuring Tax Fairness: Andrew's tax reform will aim to be fair, ensuring that no group is unduly burdened or unfairly advantaged. Andrew is committed to maintaining or improving the progressivity of the tax system, where the tax rate increases as the taxable amount increases, without placing an overwhelming burden on any one segment of society.

  4. Reducing IRS Overreach: Andrew believes in limiting the power and complexity of the IRS, making it more of a service to help taxpayers rather than a power to be feared. This includes better taxpayer protections, more transparency in audits, and an overall more taxpayer-friendly approach.

  5. Encouraging Economic Growth: Any tax reform should aim to encourage investment and economic growth. Andrew will ensure that the tax system rewards innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment, contributing to a healthy, dynamic economy.

  6. Promoting Local and State Flexibility: While reforming federal taxes, we recognize the importance of local and state tax systems. Andrew will advocate for reforms that allow for local and state flexibility, ensuring that communities can tailor tax strategies to their specific needs.

By adopting these principles, Andrew aims to develop a tax reform plan that simplifies the system, ensures fairness, encourages economic growth, and reduces unnecessary burdens on taxpayers. Our goal is a tax system that works for all residents and respects the hard work and contribution of every citizen.

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