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The Issues (The 10 R's)

Welcome to the heart of our campaign – where we stand on issues that matter to you and our beautiful tapestry of communities that make up District 2. Below, you'll find a concise overview of each key issue Andrew is passionate about. Dive deeper into any topic by clicking through for more detailed information. Andrew's stances are shaped by the voices and needs of District 2, reflecting a commitment to bring real change and meaningful progress. To stay updated and engaged, feel free to explore and learn more about how Andrew plans to make a difference. Your insights and opinions are invaluable to us – join the conversation and help shape our community's future.

"I'm running on the 10 R's, and that's why there's one beside my name on the ballot!" - Andrew Scott Smith


Restore Economic Dominance

The Mississippi Delta and the City of Jackson have historically been the heartbeats of innovation and prosperity, and the time we reignite that spirit is NOW! We are standing at the precipice of a new era—an era where innovation, technology, and forward-thinking are not just options but necessities.

Andrew envisions a future where the robust agricultural legacy of the Delta meets cutting-edge technology to create a sustainable and prosperous economy. This means not just reviving what was lost, but catapulting into the future with bold, innovative steps. Read More

Rejuvenate Agriculture

Andrew will FINISH THE PUMPS, transform agriculture with drone technology at newly established drone ports, support the next generation of farmers with accessible funding and mentorship, and boost local and small-scale manufacturing for diversified, sustainable farming. This balanced approach aims to advance our agricultural legacy while protecting and harmonizing with nature. Read More

Revive and Rethink Healthcare

Andrew's plan is to transform healthcare by strengthening rural hospitals with increased funding and telehealth, revolutionizing mental health care with dignity-focused treatments and community programs, enhancing accessibility through improved services and coverage, fostering medical innovation and research, and promoting health through community initiatives. This comprehensive approach aims to ensure every resident has access to quality care, making District 2 a national model for rural healthcare excellence. Read More

Restructure Education

Andrew's vision for the education system is centered on empowering choice and fostering well-rounded learning. Andrew is committed to integrating financial literacy into school curriculums, ensuring students are well-equipped for future economic challenges. We'll expand vocational and technical education to provide pathways to skilled trades, addressing the immediate needs of our economy. Recognizing the importance of equitable education, we'll advocate for fair funding policies for all schools, ensuring students have access to quality education, regardless of the type of school they attend. Together, we'll cultivate a district where education is both empowering and comprehensive, setting our students on the path to success. Read More

Rebuild, Restore, and Reimagine Infrastructure

Andrew's comprehensive infrastructure plan is about crafting a functional, beautiful, and culturally rich community. We'll revitalize essential infrastructure, focusing on efficiency and safety, and innovate with the development of advanced drone ports. Beautification efforts will transform public spaces and buildings, housing, and livability, making our district a place to love. We'll expand broadband access, enhance parks and community spaces, and preserve historic properties while boosting tourism. Tailoring public transportation to our unique needs and leveraging strategic funding and partnerships, we're committed to transforming District 2 into a model of sustainable and innovative growth, celebrating its history and embracing its future. Read More

Reduce Crime

Andrew's comprehensive crime reduction strategy is focused on proactive, innovative solutions for a safer community. Andrew is committed to tackling the root causes of crime by investing in education, job training, and community programs, providing opportunities that deter criminal activities. Strengthening law enforcement is key, ensuring they are well-equipped, trained, and deeply integrated within the communities they serve. Andrew's approach includes community policing initiatives to build trust, youth engagement programs to guide our young people positively, and robust drug education and rehabilitation programs to address drug-related crimes. Andrew advocates for a more efficient judicial system and will harness technological advancements for effective crime prevention. Our goal is to create a safer place to live, raise a family, and attract further investment by addressing both immediate safety concerns and the underlying factors contributing to crime, ensuring a secure environment for all residents. Read More

Reform Taxes

Andrew's commitment to tax reform is about creating a system that is simple, fair, and growth-oriented. We advocate for a drastic simplification of the tax code, making it understandable and manageable for all citizens. Andrew is open to exploring a flat tax or a national sales tax to promote fairness and efficiency. Andrew's approach ensures that taxes are equitable and do not overly burden any group, especially those striving to provide for their families. Andrew also aims to reduce IRS overreach, making the tax agency more of a service than a burden. By encouraging economic growth and allowing for local flexibility, Andrew's tax reform will invigorate the economy while ensuring every citizen is treated fairly. Through these reforms, Andrew envisions a tax system that is transparent, streamlined, and conducive to a thriving country. Read More

Reinforce the Southern Border

Andrew is committed to reinforcing the southern border with strategies that ensure security and uphold our values. Andrew will prioritize a multi-layered approach to border security, combining physical barriers, advanced technology, and increased personnel to protect against unlawful entry while facilitating economic benefits through legal trade and travel. Andrew will support our law enforcement with the tools and training they need, address migration's root causes through foreign policy, streamline legal immigration to enhance our cultural and economic vitality, and engage with local communities to ensure policies reflect the needs of District 2. Recognizing that a secure and efficient border supports jobs and businesses, we are dedicated to policies that promote economic growth. Andrew's approach is grounded in the belief that if you don't have a border, you don't have a country, and a well-managed border is essential for the safety, prosperity, and identity of our nation and District 2. Read More

Restore Rights

Andrew is committed to restoring and protecting the fundamental rights and liberties that are the cornerstone of a free and just society. Andrew supports the legalization of marijuana, recognizing its benefits, allowing for nationwide purchase, and advocating for the release and record expungement of those solely detained for marijuana offenses. Andrew believes in restoring voting rights for people who have served their time, ensuring that after serving their sentences, they are reintegrated into society with full rights and responsibilities. Andrew is a champion of medical freedom, advocating for the right to choose in medical care, including veterans being allowed to choose the provider of their choice. Andrew wants to protect and restore our veterans. If you've served for this country, this country should serve you when you get back. Andrew is dedicated to protecting personal liberties by pushing back against overreaching laws and regulations. Through education and awareness, we aim to empower our citizens to actively participate in shaping a more equitable and free society. Andrew's mission is to ensure that the dignity, choices, and freedom of every District 2 resident are respected and protected, building a community that values justice and opportunity for all. Read More

Rip Apart the Deep State

Andrew's campaign is dedicated to fundamentally restoring government by and for the people. To uphold a commitment to drain the swamp, Andrew will tirelessly work to end the misuse of power within the justice system and federal agencies. Andrew's plan is to rigorously overhaul federal bureaucracies, removing corruption and inefficiency from Washington D.C. We'll implement strict measures to ensure transparency and accountability, particularly in organizations like the FBI, CIA, IRS, and DOJ, ensuring they serve the public interest without bias. By conducting a comprehensive clean-up of these institutions, Andrew aims to restore integrity and trust in our government. This commitment stands in stark contrast to Bennie Thompson's role in the January 6 committee, as Andrew believes in a government that is fair, just, and truly representative of the people's will. Andrew's mission is clear: to bring about a government that operates with transparency, accountability, and unwavering dedication to the American people. Read More

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